Welcome to the Myrolit Universe! :)

Hey there guys!

We are Myrolit Studios and just in the process of becoming a company in the entertainment industry. To be more specific, we will mainly focus on the production of digital games in the beginning, as it best matches our skills.


Okay, so far so good, but who exactly are we and why should you care?

The team behind Myrolit Studios consists of five people. You can read more about us in detail at our "ABOUT US" page. We all met during our studies in Game Design in Berlin, where we quickly became friends and hang out a lot together. Besides playing games, which obviously is one of our biggest interests, we really enjoy to hang out in parks after work, drink a cold beer and just talk about whatever comes to mind. Of course, most of the time our nerdy side takes over and we just end up talking about games, movies and tv shows. However, we always dreamed about starting our own company and produce all the great stuff we like so much for ourselves. As this shared dream became more and more concrete over the last years, we finally decided to take a leap of faith and just try it. By then we were already more than just friends and started to see each other as family. So we also wanted to live together and finally found a great apartment in Kreuzberg, where we could establish our personal gaming paradise and home office. One step closer to fulfilling our dream! :)

Now the actual work can start. We want to take you with us in our own and very special universe. We want to bring it to life with awesome games, stories and characters, so that you can dive in, escape your daily routine, immerge in fantastic places, experience great adventures, simply enjoy your time and hopefully even get inspired by it. Yeah, we admit, that sounds to good to be true and everybody is promising things like that. We can't proof to you by now, that we really mean it. We just can hope, that you see us for what we are. We are no big money driven company that has to watch its revenues. We are young and enthusiastic and willing to work every free minute on our projects. Why? Because we love it! We live it! We are so much inspired by fantastic worlds like the ones from "Star Wars", "Lord of the Rings", "Marvel", "Harry Potter" and similar, that we want to feel them or visit this places in our holidays. And we want to create our own, because, let's face it, can you ever have enough of it? We can't. And we want you to be a part of it, because that's what really brings it to life.

So feel free, to browse through our website, leave a comment and tell us, what you think of it, even if there isn't that much content right now. It will change in the next time. However we are very happy about every feedback and constructive criticism! And we will definitely take you seriously!

Greetz and peace out! ;)

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    Andres Felipe Carreño Agudelo (Donnerstag, 26 Mai 2016 00:19)

    Das hier ist einfach ubertriben geil und cool.

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