Hatch & Slay goes Steam and new project on it's way!


Hey guys!

Well, we were silent for quite a while now and it's time to change that. Maybe you were wondering, what's going on with us and how we plan to proceed. So, let's shine a little light on that matter.

The last time you heared from us, we were still working on "Hatch & Slay" trying to get it released in the beginning of October 2015. It was really tough to get it all done.


When we came up with the idea of "Hatch & Slay" our goal was to make just a small game people could play on our website. Something fun to give people a reason to visit our page. So we just started developing and planned to be done with it in less then a week. Maybe you remember from a previous blog entry that the basic gameplay and graphics actually were made in three days. You know this version as the "free demo version". We released it two days later on our website. There we had to make the first change in our plan. "Hatch & Slay" was meant to be a browser game running only on our website. Unfortunately the Unity web plugin is not longer supported by some browsers, like Google Chrome. That is why we decided to release it as a downloadable demo (of course you can still download it).

And that brings us to the next change in our plans. "Hatch & Slay" became a bigger project. We figured, if we don't get it to run on our website, we will just release it as a standalone version on popular platforms to raise awareness. Like every new founded company we had to overcome some obstacles, especially concerning all the administrative stuff, to get the game to the stores. No need to bore you with the details, but that's the main reason why we didn't reach out. We simply didn't know ourselves, how fast we will get through the whole process.

We finished the development of "Hatch & Slay" as planned and within the time period we gave us. So, at least we got that going for us. The release on GooglePlay followed soon after and Steam Greenlight also seemed to go well. We even got into the TOP 10! So, day by day, we were sitting in front of our computers reloading the Steam Greenlight page, waiting for the green light. It had to be every second now... Or at least we thought so... After two weeks in the TOP 10 still no green light. We went up to #3 and down to #6, up to #5 and down to #7 and so on and so on. Since Valve is very unspecific about the criteria for getting greenlit, we had no idea how long this would go on.


As we didn't want to waste more time, we focused on the planning of our next project. We sat together and talked about all that has happened, what we want to achieve with the next project and how we want to do it.

It became clear pretty quickly, that developing mobile games is not the right way for us to go on. We aren't the biggest mobile gamers ourselves and the stores are crowded with good titles nobody seems to notice. It might be easier to develop these, especially if you are just a small team, but you also are more limited with gameplay and graphics. In addtion to that you really need to know the right channels for marketing and how you can set your game apart from all the others.

So, what now? What would we love to play ourselves and be able to accomplish? Everyone dreams of making their own MMO, but let's not be ridiculous. But what if we take just some of the end content of MMOs? That could work, right? So many players try to level up as quickly as possible, to reach a point with their character, where they have all the best armor and all the best stats and finally are able to fight in the PvP arenas and hunt down the big bosses. 

With that in mind, we started to work on a concept. As it will take place in our world at a time of war and revolution, we called it "Manaeyra at War" (short: MaW). It supposed to be a 3D Action-RPG with ready-to-use champions for epic PvP battles and boss fights. We will give you more details in short and will try to get you/the community involved in the whole design process.

Here are some early concepts for one of the champions. It's a Varaz, a grown version of the "Hatch & Slay" character, with tank-like characteristics and skills. You are welcome to give us your feedback on that! :)


While we were planning MaW we got a nice surprise. November the 7th, we finally got green light for "Hatch & Slay" on Steam! Yeeha!

Okay, so now we had to take a step back, leave the new project aside for a while on focus on the release. As said above, there were some administrative obstacles to overcome, but we are nearly ready bring "Hatch & Slay" to Steam now.

As soon as this is done, all our effort will go into MaW and a prototype version of it, we can show to you. We are really excited about the project and want this game to become great. With your help we will surely achieve that!

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Hatch & Slay - Free Open Beta out now!

"Hatch & Slay" is finally ready to download! It took us a little bit longer than we thought, but now it's here!


In our last blog post we made the announcement and already explained some background information about the game and the development process.

Now, all there is left to say: get the game now and have fun playing! :-)


We would be really glad, if you like the game and give us your feedback on it. You can do this right here in the comment section, or visit one of our social network pages if you prefer. Every feedback of yours will help us to further improve the gameplay and make the experience more fun, so it's in your best interest! ;-)

Note: just unzip the file (e.g. with WinRar), place the "Hatch & Slay" folder wherever you like and double click the .exe fileNo further installation required.

Please share if you like it!

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Hatch and Slay - Open Beta coming soon!

We are proud to announce our new hack & slay minigame, called "Hatch & Slay"!

The Game

The game is a simple 2D hack & slay survival game located in a tropical environment. It’s about the initiation ceremony of a freshly hatched Varaz - a humanoid lizard race - who has to fight his way out of the dangerous jungle. Varaz are warriors by nature and live their lives like a permanent contest of strenght. Starting with their youngsters, who have to fight their way out of an hostile environment to proof their worthiness. As player you take control over the Varaz hatchling. The controls are very easy to use. Through clicking you can either move the character on the screen or attack incoming enemies. In addition to that there are also four skills with a cooldown assisting you in battle. The goal is, obviously, to survive as long as possible and maximizing your score. “Hatch & Slay” will run on mobile devices as well as on your desktop.

The Making Of

The decision to create this game was very spontaneous. It was a saturday evening, our whole team sat together and talked about how to proceed with our work in progerss prototype of the ARPG "Manaeyra at War". We wanted to show you as soon as possible, what we are creating and what you can expect of it. But there is a tiny problem. Creating a game is of course a process, that takes some time before you can show anything. So how can we raise awareness for it and get you excited about it? As we tossed around some ideas we asked ourselves, what would we want?

It suddently became pretty clear to us: we just make a small and simple game, that nevertheless is fun to play and gives you a glimpse at things to come. The idea for "Hatch & Slay" was born.

The whole sunday we worked out the details of the game, decided which character and enemies to use and how it fits into our world. By the end of the day we felt ready to start developing. We set ourselves a limit of three days to get it to work. So we closed the windows and curtains in our apartment, as we couldn't allow for any distraction. You know, nice weather and happy people outside are the enemy of any working morale... :D

However, after three days of hard work we achieved our goal. "Hatch & Slay" was running and we already had fun playing it. Of course, it is not finished. Usually balancing and polishing takes the same time as the development process per se. So, you have to be patient for just a few more days until you can experience the gameplay by yourself.

How to get it

As soon as we are ready to put the game online, you will be able to download it from our homepage for free! It will easily run on your desktop, but more specific instructions will follow in time.

We hope to get a lot of feedback from you guys, so we can optimize the gameplay and get it ready for a official cross-platform release.

Subscribe to our NEWSLETTER to make sure you won't miss the release!

The things to come

We had so much fun creating "Hatch & Slay" and taking a short break from the ongoing development of our main project. Not because we don't like developing it, but working on the same thing all the time makes you routine-blinded and some fresh input is always welcome. We are now planning to create a few more minigames in the near future. Everyone of it will use a different genre and introduce a playable race or a specific character of "Manaeyra at War".

We very much hope that you will enjoy our games and that they raise your interest in our wolrd. As a matter of fact our existance depends on it. So, as always, feel free to swamp us with your thoughts, comments and critics! We really much appreciate it!

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Welcome to the Myrolit Universe! :)

Hey there guys!

We are Myrolit Studios and just in the process of becoming a company in the entertainment industry. To be more specific, we will mainly focus on the production of digital games in the beginning, as it best matches our skills.


Okay, so far so good, but who exactly are we and why should you care?

The team behind Myrolit Studios consists of five people. You can read more about us in detail at our "ABOUT US" page. We all met during our studies in Game Design in Berlin, where we quickly became friends and hang out a lot together. Besides playing games, which obviously is one of our biggest interests, we really enjoy to hang out in parks after work, drink a cold beer and just talk about whatever comes to mind. Of course, most of the time our nerdy side takes over and we just end up talking about games, movies and tv shows. However, we always dreamed about starting our own company and produce all the great stuff we like so much for ourselves. As this shared dream became more and more concrete over the last years, we finally decided to take a leap of faith and just try it. By then we were already more than just friends and started to see each other as family. So we also wanted to live together and finally found a great apartment in Kreuzberg, where we could establish our personal gaming paradise and home office. One step closer to fulfilling our dream! :)

Now the actual work can start. We want to take you with us in our own and very special universe. We want to bring it to life with awesome games, stories and characters, so that you can dive in, escape your daily routine, immerge in fantastic places, experience great adventures, simply enjoy your time and hopefully even get inspired by it. Yeah, we admit, that sounds to good to be true and everybody is promising things like that. We can't proof to you by now, that we really mean it. We just can hope, that you see us for what we are. We are no big money driven company that has to watch its revenues. We are young and enthusiastic and willing to work every free minute on our projects. Why? Because we love it! We live it! We are so much inspired by fantastic worlds like the ones from "Star Wars", "Lord of the Rings", "Marvel", "Harry Potter" and similar, that we want to feel them or visit this places in our holidays. And we want to create our own, because, let's face it, can you ever have enough of it? We can't. And we want you to be a part of it, because that's what really brings it to life.

So feel free, to browse through our website, leave a comment and tell us, what you think of it, even if there isn't that much content right now. It will change in the next time. However we are very happy about every feedback and constructive criticism! And we will definitely take you seriously!

Greetz and peace out! ;)

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