Hatch & Slay is a simple hack & slash game with easy to use controls. It is about a new born Varaz - a humanoid lizard race - who has to fight its way out of the dangerous jungle.

- Fight for your survival!

- Unlock new skills!

- Find new equipment!

- Customize your character!

- Collect all achievements!

The Game

The game is a simple 2D hack & slay survival game located in a tropical environment. It’s about the initiation ceremony of a freshly hatched Varaz - a humanoid lizard race - who has to fight his way out of the dangerous jungle. Varaz are warriors by nature and live their lives like a permanent contest of strenght. Starting with their youngsters, who have to fight their way out of an hostile environment to proof their worthiness. As player you take control over the Varaz hatchling. The controls are very easy to use. Through clicking you can either move the character on the screen or attack incoming enemies. In addition to that there are also four skills with a cooldown assisting you in battle. The goal is, obviously, to survive as long as possible and maximizing your score. “Hatch & Slay” runs on Android devices as well as on your desktop. You can download the free demo below.


Game Principles

The idea behind the game is to make people familiar with the Varaz race, which will play a part in “Manaeyra at War”, the current project of Myrolit Studios. So, "Hatch & Slay" never was meant to be a big game, but an introduction to all the games we still have planned. It is therefore a quite simple and small game meant to play in short sessions, for example to blow off some steam by killing lots and lots of monsters. Hopefully it will leave you with a strongly reduced stress level, a positive impression of the game's universe and the wish for more.


“Manaeyra at War” will be a 3D Action-RPG focusing on PvP combat and boss fights, inspired by the end content of several MMORPGs and mixed with elements of MOBAs. As player you take control over a classic RPG hero or even a boss monster and fight in fast-paced matches for your team’s victory. We decided to exclude character progression, giving every player the same chances at any time of a match. That supports a good balance and a strictly skill based team play. Besides the Varaz character there will of course be more races to choose from. That said, you obviously can look forward to seeing more free minigames introducing the other races in the near future. The progress of the development can be tracked on the studios homepage (, where you can leave a comment or get the newsletter. Constructive criticism as well as new input is highly appreciated!




Note: just unzip the file (e.g. with WinRar), place the "Hatch & Slay" folder wherever you like and double click the .exe/.app fileNo further installation required.

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