We are no big company. We don't have big companies behind us. We just love making games and love it even more, if we can do it together. Our friendship started during our studies in Game Design at Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin. Working together on small projects gave us the confidence to think bigger and brought us closer to each other. Four of us now share an apartment as we didn't want to live without each other anylonger. This is also where we work now. We're calling it our "Gamer-WG" (WG = Wohngemeinschaft = shared apartment).


Dieu Linh Nguyen, 23

Concept/Environment Artist and Fairy Godmother

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Maximilian Bezold, 24

Bachelor of Science (2015), Game Designer and 3D Artist/Animator

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Robert Lehmann, 25

Bachelor of Science (2015), Game Designer and Programmer

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Mike Bezold, 22

Marketing Communications Assistant (2012), Game Designer and Programmer